This Temple is founded by His Holiness Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar . This is the ” First” Shiva Vishnu Temple in the Entire state of New York invoked under Atharva Vedic Agama

Atharva Vedic Palmistry
Atharva Vedic Palmistry, also known as “Chiromancy”, is the practice of telling the future and understanding the characteristics and the emotional tendencies of the person by doing the in depth hand analysis. Lets understand what all is covered in “Hand Analysis”. Hand Analysis is a very tedious exercise which not only covers the study of lines on the palm but it is tracked down to giving the aggregate of conclusions drawn by studying the shape of the hand, relative length of the fingers, shape of the thumb and fingers and the nails, color and texture of the skin on the palms and the movements of the hand. Hand Analysis is considered an important tool to get an insight of your nature and attitudinal behavioral patterns.
Palmistry And Hand Analysis:
Palmistry can help you doing your SWOT analysis (S-Stands for Strengths, W-Stands for Weaknesses, O-Opportunities and T-Threats). SWOT analysis, which is commonly being used in business circles, is also being used by the palmistry consultants for making the individual understand himself better. SWOT Analysis using palmistry can help the person in discovering his skills, strengths, talents and various negative tendencies he needs to improve upon which can lead him to lead a more successful and effective life.
By knowing yourself better, you will have more energy and power to make your life be the way you want it to be. Palmistry can help others with choices, decisions and other more practical aspects of life.
Palmistry and various Aspects of Life:
Are you going to strike rich? Are you in best career? How are you going to handle opportunities coming your way? How do you handle relationships and intimacy? Do you have the practical approach or the emotional quotient plays major role in determining your love life and relationships? What kind of person you will be most comfortable with? What kind of person is suited to embark on the most important journey of life? Is romance in your hands? Are you going to be the wonderful parents? All these important aspects of life can be understood and answered through the proper hand analysis. Palmistry helps you in discovering yourself and the characteristics within you.
Palmistry and Facts:
1. The practice of palm reading dates back to 2000BC.
2. Julius Caesar (102-44 BC) used to judge his men using Palmistry.
3. Information on Palmistry can be found in Vedas, the sacred Hindu writings, and the Bible.
4. Lines on the Palm of persons hand is directly related to events happening, happened or going to happen in his Life.
In a nutshell, palmistry is an occult science to tell the future of the person
Call Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar for more help @ Toll Free 1-888-808-1418


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